Intuitive Eating & Body Image Healing from a Health At Every Size (HAES) Perspective


Are you tired of the diet programs that keep you trapped in an emotional cycle ?

Do you feel stuck, deprived, frustrated and like a failure?

Have you’ve tried “everything”, but on the other hand, hold on the hope of one more diet out there?

 Above all, you are here – because perhaps you realize that maybe dieting isn’t really the answer?

And maybe, you want to consider what life could look like if you never said diet again?

Since you’ve tried everything else, what do you have to lose?

Let’s stop DIETING together.

No restriction, no yo-yo dieting.
You won’t find that here.

Instead, I want to help you rediscover your relationship with food and body in a new light – one that is rooted in compassion and self care.

Through virtual one-on-one sessions , I am committed to helping my clients make positive, sustainable changes.

My specialities include:

Body Image Healing
Poor Relationship with Food and/or Body
How To Break Free from Chronic Dieting
Intuitive Eating
Disordered Eating
Eating Disorders

If you are interested in exploring working together:

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Initial Consultation

This session is all about getting to know you, explore your relationship and history to food and body, what you hope to achieve from working together, answer any questions you may have and so much more.

Typically, a 60-75 minute appointment.

Follow up appointments
60 minute: $75 per session

We will continue exploring and working in your goals, challenges and successes.

Contact me for more information via e-mail: haldis.eva@gmail.com or

Click Here to Schedule a FREE Consultation Call

At this time, I do not take insurance for services. Some services may be covered under out of network care and I am happy to provide documentation necessary if needed.